Ground Source Heat Pumps

George W. Bush, the Queen of England, Sir Elton John, and Sir Richard Branson probably don’t have much in common, but they all have installed ground source heat pumps. And it’s not just a technology for the rich and famous. Habitat for Humanity installed heat pumps in its Oklahoma City development, Hope Crossing, because the low operating costs would help future residents save on their utility bills.

How Does it Work?

A heat pump exchanges heat to and from the surrounding earth into the conditioned space of building. The technology is similar to a refrigerator (an electrically-driven vapor-compression refrigeration system) that can be operated in both directions to provide heating or cooling as conditions require.
ground source heat pump cost are cheap to operate primarily because they are able to generate three to five units of heating or cooling for each unit of electricity consumed (a 300 percent to 500 percent efficiency gain, or a 3.0–5.0 coefficient of performance in industry-speak). And, because China heat pumps are powered by electricity, they offer not only near-term emissions reductions (since the Northeast grid already emits low greenhouse gases due to its reliance primarily on natural gas and nuclear energy) but offer a pathway to low or zero emissions heating through renewable generation.Converting from oil to heat pumps is amount to a large economic opportunity for the region. If 50 percent of oil customers were to convert to heat pumps over the next 20 years, they would generate $37 billion in direct investment that flows directly to the contractors installing these systems, helping to support local jobs. The $20 billion in net savings that investment generates can improve the balance sheets of residents and businesses while also allowing for reinvestment that further spurs economic growth. The cost to operate those heat pumps will be spent on electricity rather than oil, keeping money in the local economy instead of exporting dollars overseas. is a high-tech private enterprise
founded in 2005 , which specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling energy-saving products to improve human living condition and quality of life (QOL). Our products are well-known throughout Europe and North America. Our leading products include solar water heater and heat pump system(cooling, heating and domestic hot water system), household and commercial recirculating type heat pump, swimming pool heat pump, water source heat pump, etc. We have own various patents and technologies.

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